The New Era of Jewelry by Georgian brand. A unique fashion-art performance was presented recently in Tbilisi, Georgia.

BOO Jewellery Spring-Summer 2022 collection “THE FUTURE” along with an exhibition of paintings by the artist Lela Chincharauli were concentrated and joined in contemporary dance performance. Two Georgian artists – Tamuna Jikia, creative director of BOO Jewellery, and Lela Chincharauli, an artist and director.

The goal of the collaboration between BOO Jewellery and LELUKA ART was to show to the public the artist’s work with the brand’s new collection, creating an exciting synthesis of fashion and art.

Every part of the performance: the accessories, the drawings, costumes, music, light, and dancing composition were representing the world of the future seen through the eyes of the authors, how fashion and art are changing over the years.

Artists’ inspiration came from the world of the future, where we don’t know yet what the reality will be but we can all see and convey it with our imagination.

The new BOO Jewellery’s collection reflects the philosophy of  “A New Era of Jewelry”, so the items are quite exclusive and unusual: sunglasses, nose’s ears’, and body accessories, and even a hat.

BOO Jewellery is a Georgian brand, which was launched in October 2018, in Tbilisi, Georgia, and already gained worldwide fame. Among others, the signature minimalistic silver accessories were spotted in Netflix’s Elite, on the L’Officiel magazine cover, at the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, etc.

The brand creates totally handmade sterling silver accessories of unique design. The main showroom of BOO Jewellery is located in Tbilisi, as well as in Kyiv, Moscow, and Berlin. The brand is currently represented in 15 countries around the world.




Article Author , 2022-02-27